雅思写作观点库:社会类(老年人)论据话题汇总 IELTS Writing Old People

1 雅思写作社会类(老年人)观点论据:老龄化的积极影响

1.1 促进经济发展




postpone retirement, contribute wisdom, labor cost

Elderly people may be an asset to a country in economic terms. They may postpone retirement. In order to stay in the workforce, they may not ask for high pay. This means that it can reduce the labor cost of many companies. Meanwhile, their experience can help employers deal with many problems.

1.2 延长寿命


解释(A-B ) 1 :他们可以继续他们的研究项目,并在他们的职位上获得新的知识。

解释(A-B ) 2 :他们也可以增加知识和建立专业知识。

解释(B-C ):知识是创新的源泉,因为他们将新知识应用于解决一些问题,或开发一些具有新发现的创新 产品或服务。

impart knowledge to young people, share experience, improved life expectancy, achieve more success

The improvement of life expectancy also allows people to advanced knowledge, which is of benefit to society. They may continue their research projects and gain new knowledge in their positions. It is also possible for them to increase knowledge and build expertise as they have a longer working life. Knowledge is a source of innovation, as they apply new knowledge to solving some problems or develop some innovative products or services with new discoveries.

2 雅思写作社会类(老年人)观点论据:老龄化的消极影响

2.1 经济、就业压力


解释(A-B ):人口老龄化通常伴随着低出生率,因为人们知道他们可以活很久,他们倾向于推迟生育。这 通常意味着进入劳动市场的年轻人数量将会下降。

解释(A-B ):另外一个原因是老年人可能70岁还在工作,留下更少的工作岗位给年轻人。

解释(B-C ):没有精力充沛且高效率的劳动力,这些公司可能不能盈利,对这个国家的经济发展是一个威 胁。

medical care, elderly-care facilities, pensions, increase spending, add a burden

One problem of population ageing is that it might damage the country’s economy as the shortage of young workers will be a problem. Population ageing is normally accompanied by a lower birth rate, as people understand they will live a longer life, they tend to delay parenthood. This normally means that the number of young people entering the workforce will drop. Another reason is that elderly people may stay in their positions even in their seventies, leaving fewer jobs available for young jobseekers. Without an energetic, creative and highly productive workforce, these companies may be unable to
make profits, posing a threat to the economic progress of a country.

2.2 医疗资源负担


解释(A-B ):医疗需求通常在老年出现,老年人更容易得一些和年龄相关的疾病,比如中风,糖尿病和心 脏病,这些会花很多钱。这意味着政府需要投资更多资金于医疗系统。

解释(A-B ):需要建更多养老院来去服务那些日常生活有困难的老年人,而且更多的税收应该被用于养老 金,这会给纳税人带来压力。

medical care, elderly-care facilities, pensions, increase spending, add a burden

Another major challenge of this trend is that it may put a strain on medical services, elderly care facilities and the pension scheme of a country. Medial needs normally appear in later years and senior citizens are prone to some ageing-related diseases such as stroke, diabetes and heart diseases, which would cost a large amount of money. This means governments have to pour more funds into medical facilities. Meanwhile, more nursing homes should be built to serve the elderly who experience difficulties in their daily lives, and more tax revenue should be allocated to pensions, which can add a burden on taxpayers. Both people in the workforce and retired people have to accept a poor standard of living if the tax revenue dwindles and the government has to charge higher tax.

2.3 赡养老人导致家庭矛盾


背景:老年人更容易患有一些慢性疾病如痴呆,这意味着他们可能很难照顾好自己,独立生活,所以他们需要 他们孩子的支持。

背景2 :这个任务很大,年轻人不得不靠高薪养家糊口。


the labor shortage, damage the economy

Another positive effect of population ageing is that this can result in tensions between family members if young people spend too much time on looking after their parents. Elderly people are more likely to suffer from some chronic diseases such as dementia, which means that they may find it difficult to take good care of themselves and live independently, so they need the support of their children. This can be a daunting task for young people, who have to earn high salaries to feed the whole family. This might result in quarrels which can damage the family relationship as well as do harm to mental health of elderly people.

3 雅思写作社会类(老年人)观点论据:解决老龄化的方法

3.1 延迟退休年龄


解释(B-C ):他们可以继续赚钱,而不是依赖养老金。有了工资,他们就能维持不错的生活水平。

解释(B-C ):保住一份工作意味着人们可以保持身体和精神上的活跃,因为他们需要每天上下班和花时间社交。这也可以减少患某些疾病的机会,这意味着政府也可以削减医疗保健的开支。

A good choice is to continue a productive working life beyond the retirement age, which can cut the budget a country otherwise has to spend in supporting a huge population of retirees. If they do not withdraw from the workforce, they can continue to earn money, rather than rely on pensions. With salaries, they would be able to maintain a decent standard of living. Meanwhile, staying in a job means that people can stay physically and mentally active, as they need to travel to and from work every day and spend time networking. This can also reduce the chance of suffering from some medical conditions, and this means that the government can cut the expenditure on medical care as well.

3.2 家庭共同生活


解释(B-C ):与其他家庭成员一起生活,可以消除孤独感,与家人交谈,享受家庭生活,有利于退休人员 的心理健康。

解释(B-C ):老家庭成员也可以承担一些家庭责任,包括洗衣服,扫地和做饭,这可以大大减轻成年人的 工作负担。这可能可以保护老年人免受一些身体或情绪健康问题。


Elderly people can also choose to live with their children to enjoy family life , so the government does

not have to worry about looking after them. Living with other members of family can combat the sense of lonelines, and talking with family as well as enjoying family life is beneficial to mental health of retired people. Old family members could also take some domestic responsibilities including doing laundry, sweeping the floor and cooking, which can greatly ease the burden on working adults. This can possibly protect them from some physical or emotional problems they could experience as they age. As they live a happy, healthy life, the government would spend less money on health services.

3.3 提高储蓄养老意识


解释(A-B ):储蓄买房子,老了就不用交租,也可以通过利息来支付生活费 解释(A-B):加入国家的养老金计划,退休了可以获得钱

save money for retirement , set aside money, maintain a reasonable quality of life in the old age buy a home, bank savings, pay rent

Another method is to encourage people to save money for retirement and enrol in the pension scheme of the government, so they have sufficient money to maintain a reasonable quality of life in the old age. They set aside money to buy a home, so they do not need to pay rent when they get old. They also use the interest income of their bank savings to cover the cost of living. As they contribute part of their income to the pension scheme, they can withdraw a proportion of money when they retire. All these efforts can reduce the cost of looking after an ever-growing gray population for a country.

4 雅思写作社会类(老年人)观点论据:老年人与年轻人的区别


Prone to health problems, a loss of energy, demanding jobs; energetic, productive

As people age, they are Prone to health problems. Due to a loss of energy, they have difficulty in handling demanding jobs. Young people are energetic and productive.


Decades5 experience, well-informed decisions; make rash decisions.

With Decades’ experience, people are more capable of making well-informed decisions as they get older; in contrast, young people tend to make rash decisions.


Conservative, risk averse; take risks, put ideas into practice, accept failures

Older people have a Conservative attitude towards new ideas, and they are risk averse, while young people are willing to take risks, put ideas into practice and accept failures.


Lead a frugal life, follow fashion

Retirees tend to Lead a frugal life, while young people like shopping to follow fashion.


Shy away from new technology; embrace new ideas, adopt new technology, stay abreast of changes

Old people tend to Shy away from new technology. Young people are known for their willingness to embrace new ideas, adopt new technology and stay abreast of changes.

社会:老年人更加注意和别人的沟通,注意团结;年轻人可能更加注意自己表达意见,不一定会听取别人 的意见

Pay attention to communication, interpersonal relationships: express opinions, listen to others

The elderly Pay attention to communication and interpersonal relationships. By comparison, young people are keen to express opinions, instead of listening to others.